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What is the ArtRabbit App?

ArtRabbit helps you squeeze more art into your life. Got an hour to spare in Berlin? A free afternoon in London? Heading to New York for a long weekend? Find contemporary art exhibitions and events going on right now, right where you are - from pop-up shows at up-and-coming galleries to world-class exhibitions at major art institutions.

Use the ArtRabbit App to:

  • Find up-to-date information on contemporary art exhibitions and events, large and small, current and upcoming

  • Explore ArtRabbit’s interactive map of events, near you and around the world

  • Search listings for exhibitions, venues, artists and event types

  • Get recommendations from leading artists, curators and art world insiders

  • Follow your favourite artists, project spaces and galleries to have their upcoming shows sent directly to your email inbox

  • Plan ahead - compile lists of exhibitions you’d like to attend and track what you’ve already seen

  • Get directions to exhibitions close to where you are

  • Share events with your friends and network, via email and other social channels

  • Get a handy overview of what shows are all about

  • Travel with the art crowd - ArtRabbit keeps tabs with the busiest cities at any time, so you’ll know what’s happening around the world

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