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User Feedback for Art Rabbit

Thank you for offering to give us feedback on the website. It would be great to get your opinion on how we could improve the site.

Knowledge Base

  1. About ArtRabbit 

    1. What is ArtRabbit?
    2. Who is ArtRabbit for?
  2. Adding exhibitions and events to ArtRabbit 

    1. Who can add an event to ArtRabbit?
    2. Does it cost to list events on ArtRabbit?
    3. How do I add an event to ArtRabbit?
    4. How do I add or edit event times?
    5. Somebody outside my organisation has added an event, so I can't edit it. How do I fix this?
  3. Advertising on ArtRabbit 

    1. Can I advertise on ArtRabbit?
    2. What are ArtRabbit's Advertising Terms?
  4. ArtRabbit newsletter 

    1. What is the ArtRabbit newsletter?
    2. How do I get a listing in the ArtRabbit Newsletters?
    3. How do I subscribe to the newsletter?
    4. I want to unsubscribe from the newsletter
  5. Copyright and Intellectual Property 

    1. What should I do if I see my copyrighted work on ArtRabbit without my permission?
    2. What are the consequences of posting copyrighted material without authorisation on ArtRabbit?
    3. How does ArtRabbit handle copyright claims?
  6. Creating an account 

    1. How do I create an account on ArtRabbit?
    2. I didn't receive a verification email
    3. How old do you have to be to sign up for ArtRabbit?
    4. Do I need to join ArtRabbit to use it?
    5. What’s so good about signing up?
  7. Feedback and Reporting 

    1. How do I give ArtRabbit feedback?
    2. How do I report content or spam to ArtRabbit?
    3. Why is ArtRabbit not in my area?
  8. For artists and curators 

    1. What is an artist page?
    2. How can I claim my artist / curator page?
    3. I’m an artist seeking gallery representation. Can ArtRabbit help me find it?
    4. I’m an artist; how can I get listed?
    5. I'm a curator; how can I get listed?
  9. Login and Password 

    1. How do I log into my ArtRabbit account?
    2. I can't log into my ArtRabbit account
    3. How do I change my password?
    4. How do I reset my password?
    5. How can I make my password strong?
  10. Manage your account 

    1. Changing your account settings
    2. How do I change my screen name?
    3. How do I add social handles or any other information to my profile?
    4. How do I add a profile picture to my account?
    5. How do I delete my ArtRabbit account?
  11. Managing organisation & venue pages 

    1. What are venue/organisation pages?
    2. How do I claim my venue / organisation?
    3. How do I add opening times to a venue / organisation page?
    4. How do I edit a venue or organisation page?
    5. Why can’t I edit artist or curator profiles that are associated with my organisation?
  12. Open Calls & Artist Opportunities 

    1. What are ArtRabbit's Artist Opportunities?
    2. Why has my Open Call listing been deleted?
    3. How can I submit an Open Call or Artist Opportunity?
  13. Privacy & Security 

    1. What is ArtRabbit's Privacy Policy?
    2. What's ArtRabbit's Cookie Policy?
    3. Does ArtRabbit use my personal information for advertising purposes?
    4. How do I make my ArtRabbit account private?
    5. What does the 'Private Profile' privacy setting mean?
  14. Professional Plans 

    1. What forms of payment do you accept?
    2. Do I need a user account to manage an organisation page?
    3. Do you have special rates for not-for-profit organisations?
    4. I'm a media/PR professional and manage several arts organisations. How can I best make use of your plans?
    5. I'm a pro member; can I book other campaigns or boosts?
  15. The ArtRabbit App 

    1. What is the ArtRabbit App?
    2. How do I sign up and log into the ArtRabbit App?
    3. Why can’t I sign up with any of my social media profiles?
    4. How do I find art in other cities?
    5. How do I choose a different date?
  16. Using ArtRabbit 

    1. Where can I read ArtRabbit's Terms of Use?
    2. What are ArtRabbit's 'Community Guidelines'?
    3. How do I search the ArtRabbit site?
    4. What is the ArtRabbit ArtMap?
    5. Where do I post a comment? What sort of thing should I write?
  17. All articles 

    1. How do I log into my ArtRabbit account?
    2. Changing your account settings
    3. How do I create an account on ArtRabbit?
    4. What is ArtRabbit's Privacy Policy?
    5. Where can I read ArtRabbit's Terms of Use?
    115 articles 

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