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How do I edit a venue or organisation page?

To edit a venue page, you must be the owner or manager of that venue page - either you have created this page or have successfully claimed this page. 

If you are an owner: To edit a venue page, you need to navigate to the exact venue page, where you will see an 'Edit' button at the bottom of the page. This allows you to access the venue information and make any tweaks. 

After making changes, please continue through to the final page of the venue details and click save; otherwise, your amendments will not be published. 

If you are not an owner of a venue page listed on ArtRabbit and would like to be, find the 'Claim this page' link at the bottom of the venue's page. You will be taken to our claim, which you will need to complete for our team to review. Once approved, you will be able to edit and manage this page.

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