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Using ArtRabbit

  1. Why is my event not showing?

  2. How do I search the ArtRabbit site?

  3. Where do I post a comment? What sort of thing should I write?

  4. What are Suggested and Upcoming Events?

  5. How do I get Suggested and Upcoming Events?

  6. How do I save an event?

  7. What’s the difference between Suggested and Upcoming Events?

  8. How do Suggested Events work?

  9. Where do Suggested Events appear?

  10. Why are particular events suggested to me?

  11. How do Upcoming Events work?

  12. Where do Upcoming Events appear?

  13. What are Email Notifications?

  14. How do I share an event with others?

  15. I want to find events on a specific day.

  16. I want to find events in a specific place.

  17. Who can add an event to ArtRabbit?

  18. How do I add an event to ArtRabbit?

  19. How do I edit an event I have already added?

  20. How do I find events nearby?

  21. How do I add images to an event?

  22. What sort of image should I add to my event?

  23. My event images won't upload.

  24. How do I view my recent activity?

  25. How do I remove comments that I have made?

  26. How do I claim my venue?

  27. How can I find out the location of a venue?

  28. How do I edit a venue or organisation page?

  29. Does it cost to list events on ArtRabbit?

  30. What are ArtRabbit's 'Community Rules'?

  31. Why has my comment been deleted?

  32. Why has my event been deleted?

  33. Why has my Open Call been deleted?

  34. What are ArtRabbit’s Artist Opportunities?

  35. How can I submit an Open Call or Artist Opportunity?

  36. Where can I find my saved events?

  37. How do I find more people to follow?

  38. Where can I see who I am following?

  39. Where can I see who is following me?

  40. What does my activity feed show me?

  41. What is an artist page?

  42. How can I claim my artist page?

  43. I’m an artist seeking gallery representation. Can ArtRabbit help me find it?

  44. I’m an artist, how can I get listed?

  45. What are curator pages?

  46. How can I claim my curator page?

  47. I’m a curator, how can I get listed?

  48. I’m a gallerist, artist, curator or venue manager. I want my contemporary art exhibitions to get listed, but I have no time adding them to the site.

  49. What are ArtRabbit logos and badges for?

  50. What is the ArtRabbit ArtMap?

  51. What are venue / organisation pages?

  52. How do I add event times?

  53. How do I add opening times to an organisation page?

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