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How do I add opening times to a venue / organisation page?

When adding opening times, click “edit” on your organisation page, then scroll down to the Opening Times section, where you will be able to add opening times under “Regular hours”. By default, Mondays are closed whilst all other days are open. To change the status of a day to open, select the dash next to the day. To change the status to closed, select the checkmark next to the day.

Fill in the times for when your organisation is open. If your organisation is open at more than one point during the day, select “Add hours” next to the “x” and fill in the additional hours. If your organisation has special hours on select dates, for example, special holiday hours, click on “Special hours and holiday schedule” beneath the “Regular hours” schedule. Select “Add another date” to input the date and times of special hours. You can add multiple dates that have special hours.

If your organisation is closed for a longer period of time, for example for renovation or summer holidays, select “Extended closures” beneath “Special hours” and the “Regular hours” schedule. Select “Add another period” and select the date period that your organisation is closed.

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